How to Tie a Knot in Stretch Cord

Originally posted 2014-11-24 08:00:47.

An Easy Way to Knot Stretch Cord

I like using stretch cord to make quick and easy bracelets. The only thing I don’t like is knotting it. I have watched a few You Tube videos and read a few of my fellow crafters’ blogs on how to tie a knot in stretch cord but none of the methods seem to work for me! I came up with something that works for me (without super-gluing my fingers together) and I’ll share it today… While we’re at it, we can make a few cute bracelets with acrylic beads and stretch cord!

how to tie a knot in stretch cord


  • Acrylic beads
  • Clear stretch cord (<– affiliate link!)
  • Crimp bead cover and crimping pliers

I love buying little packets of acrylic beads. I think they have lots of potential and sometimes, they don’t even look like cheap beads! I strung a few on a piece of clear stretch cord, then checked the fit around my wrist.

Now it is time to tie the dreaded knot… A square knot works the best! I learned to tie a square knot when my son was a Boy Scout and it has certainly come in handy for lots of applications! I found a really cool diagram on tying a square knot…

Source – Survival Life

When tying the knot, pull both the cord and the tail at the same time. This is what will tighten the knot!

how to tie a knot in stretch cord pull cord and tail at the same time

I like to use a crimp bead cover over the knot. These are little jewelry findings that look like a metal Pac-Man. When these covers are crimped over the knot, the knot isn’t going anywhere!

how to tie a knot in stretch cord cover knot with crimp bead

How easy is that?

how to tie a knot in stretch cord completed bracelets

I know that this isn’t the only tutorial on how to tie a knot in stretch cord but maybe it will help another crafter who is in the same boat as I! What do you think? What is your favorite method of knotting stretch cord? Leave a comment below!

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