Framed Deer Wall Art

Originally posted 2014-12-05 08:00:18.

Bright and Trendy Wall Art

I bought three of these decorative frames at a flea market. The frames had vintage looking art piece already in them – almost like a French painting.  My goal was to paint the frames and keep the vintage art intact. I taped off the art then painted the frames, and when I went to remove the tape, it ruined the artwork! I put the frames away until I could decide what to do with them. Since deer heads are so popular, I decided I would use scrapbook paper to create framed deer wall art over the vintage artwork in these bright frames!

Framed Deer Wall Art


This became such an easy project (though I’m still a tad disappointed about ruining the original artwork) and I really love the way they came out! Originally, I taped off the artwork, then spray painted the frames, each in a different color.

Framed Deer Wall Art_Original

I didn’t want to remove the original artwork because it would have been a pain to put it back together so I covered it up. I measured the original artwork inside the frame and cut decorative scrapbook paper to cover it. I sprayed the back of the scrapbook paper with spray adhesive, then positioned the paper in the frame.

Framed Deer Wall Art_Paper

I used my vinyl and paper cutter to cut deer from white card stock. I positioned the adhesive foam dots on the back of the card stock deer. I used the foam dots to create a sort of 3D effect with the deer in the frame.

Framed Deer Wall Art_Turquoise

The frames already had a small metal loop on the back for a hanger which I forgot to check before adding the deer… I just happened to get lucky and they were all in the right position!

Framed Deer Wall Art_Lime

Framed Deer Wall Art_Lagoon

So what do you think? I love them! I love the way the white deer pop against the bright frames! Can you think of other ways to create framed deer wall art? I might hang these in my bedroom…


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