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Hi! I’m Cher! I have been obsessed with all things crafty and DIY since I was little… My dolls always wore the latest fashions (and usually sported bad hairstyles ~ eek!) until I became a teenager, then I wore the latest and greatest creations I made for myself! I also made all of the clothes my kids wore until they decided it wasn’t “cool” for Mom to make their clothes.

I worked in an alterations shop during my senior year in high school and my first year of college. The other ladies that worked there had children and grandchildren my age, and it was the best experience of my life. I plan on passing along some of those skills here at The Craft Alternative!

I am the editor/owner of Designs by Studio C where I feature DIY projects, how-to information, and plenty of furniture plans. I have an AAS in Drafting. I am a former monthly DIY contributor to ImTopsyTurvy.com, plus I am the former draftsman for The Design Confidential. The Craft Alternative is a way for me to share my other side – sewing, crafting, repurposing, and just creating in general!

I am also the owner/editor of Good Ohmens Fitness, a blog where I share my love of fitness and nutrition. As a side note, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Yoga Fitness Instructor, a Sports Nutrition Specialist and a kickboxing coach!

My life is not always paint splatters and sawdust – I absolutely love to sew, knit, crochet, and just plain create, so The Craft Alternative is my outlet for other projects that I plan on sharing with you! Join me as I strive to get my craft on more often! I promise… We’ll have a great time!

Get crafting!


Contact me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!

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