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An Easy to Make Bolster Pillow for Yoga

An Easy Bolster Pillow Tutorial I love practicing yoga and have a variety of props to make getting into the poses a bit easier. Due to a hip injury, I have a hard time sitting cross-legged on the floor to meditate. I wanted to buy a pillow to sit on but for the price, I[...]

A Beautiful and Easy to Make Paperweight

Etched River Rock Paperweight One of my kiddos is getting ready to fly the coop… By “fly the coop”, I mean move out of state to follow his dreams of pursuing a degree and a career in the music industry as an audio engineer. I’m only sort of sad and more proud than anything! Anyway, before[...]

Beautifully Inspirational Wall Art

DIY Word Wall Art I found this awesome word piece at Target… It has a neat pattern on it that sort of resembles birch so I bought it (for $3) and added it to my stash until I decided what to do with it. I used it as part of this DIY word wall art[...]

A Pretty Accent to Hide Tissue in Any Room

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box In my house, in lieu of facial tissues for runny noses, we use toilet paper. To me it is cheaper (since toilet paper is, well, “necessary”) and works just as well as a facial tissue. Rather than have a roll of toilet paper sitting awkwardly on the counter, it sits in a[...]

A Fabulous Wooden Sign Knock-Off

DIY Wood Sign Knock-Off When I first saw this sign, I was in love! My family and I love the great outdoors, and for some reason this sign spoke to me! I decided to copy the design and share my DIY wood sign knock-off with you! It is really easy  to make, and is quite[...]

Trendy and Easy to Make Wall Art

Papier-Mache Deer Head Mounted on an MDF Plaque I just recently used a stencil on the wall in my daughter’s room that resembles birch trees. She painted the walls a bright lavender color, and the birch tree stencil (in white) really pops! Keeping with a sort of vibrant woodsy theme, I decided to add a[...]

Easy T-Shirt Alteration

Taking in the Sides of a T-Shirt My son is tall and skinny, and some t-shirts don’t fit him the way he likes them to fit. This t-shirt in particular was really sort of boxy. While it fit well in the shoulders, it was huge at the hem. We agreed that taking in the sides[...]

Back to School Upgrade – Composition Notebook

Adding Scrapbooking Paper and Washi Tape to a Composition Notebook I can’t believe it is almost time for school to start! As my daughter enters her junior year in high school, I want to send her off to school in style… I general buy school supplies at discount stores and this year I decided to[...]

Create a New Top with Fabric and the Top of a T-Shirt

Add Fabric to the Bottom of a T-Shirt Do you remember this project? The bottom half of a t-shirt was used and I saved the top portion for a future project… I decided that I wanted to add fabric to the bottom of this t-shirt to make it wearable again (I’m not into super short crop[...]

A Man’s T-shirt Refashioned with a Sewing Pattern and Bleach

T-Shirt with Bleach Accent I really wanted to use this man’s t-shirt with a sewing pattern to make a more feminine shirt. Since it is plain, I decided that the t-shirt needed a bleach accent in the center front to sort of jazz it up a bit! This t-shirt was so easy to make and[...]