Using Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch

Originally posted 2014-11-21 08:00:41.

A Cute Canvas Pouch That Would Make a Great Gift!

I have been “collecting” items for Christmas gifts for some of my family members. I decided to use ink dye on a canvas pouch as a gift for a certain teen girl I know (who also reads this blog!). This is one of those ridiculously easy projects that would make a great gift for any occasion. Plus, the pouch can be personalized or designed any way you choose!

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch

I started with a plain canvas pouch. I actually made the one I used in this tutorial by cutting a rectangle out of canvas, adding a zipper, and sewing the sides. Any canvas tote, bag, or pouch can be used! I cut a city skyline out of adhesive shelf liner using my vinyl cutter and applied it to both sides of the canvas pouch.

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch add stencil or vinyl design to mark off canvas

I had a small packet of Inkodye (<– affiliate link!), a solar-reactive dye, that I painted onto both sides of the pouch. I spread the dye on the pouch, then used a sponge brush to spread it on both sides of the pouch. The Inkodye comes in several colors and I chose the color Plum.

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch use photo reactive dye

I placed the pouch on a board in direct sunlight. The dye reacts within 10-20 minutes whether it is sunny or cloudy!

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch coat canvas with the dye

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch let the dye activate in the sunlight

Once I brought the pouch back inside, I rinsed it thoroughly to remove the excess dye. I placed it in the washing machine using the rinse and spin cycle to further remove the dye, then I dried it for about 15 minutes in the dryer.

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch remove stencil or vinyl design

I thought the pouch still needed something special so I used my vinyl cutter and white glitter heat transfer vinyl to add “New York” in a pretty font to the front of the pouch. I also sewed box corners on the bottom of the pouch to give it a bit of shape. Now it is ready to hold makeup, markers, colored pencils, a small knitting or crochet project, etc.

Ink Dye on a Canvas Pouch add heat transfer vinyl lettering

I love how the ink dye on the canvas pouch and I’m sure the certain-teen-girl-who-reads-this-blog will think so, too! The ink dye can be used on any natural fabric – cotton, rayon, etc. to create so many one of a kind projects! Stay tuned because in a future post, I will share another neat project using Inkodye… What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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