Pyramid Collection Knock-Off Jacket

Originally posted 2014-12-08 08:00:35.

An Easy to Make Knock-Off Jacket

I spied a beautiful denim jacket in a Pyramid Collection catalog… I fell in love with it and although $59.95 isn’t a bad price for the jacket, I find it hard to spend that kind of money knowing I could make a similar jacket for a fraction of the cost. I like to blame it on my “seamstress side”! My Pyramid Collection knock-off jacket was easy to make, and only took a couple of days. Plus, it looks really pretty on my daughter!

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket

I started with a pattern that was very similar in shape to the Pyramid Collection jacket.

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket Pattern

I used stretch denim for the jacket itself, and a pretty mauve lining. (The jacket is completely lined.) The jacket also features shoulder pads, a two piece collar, and two piece lapels.

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket Lining

I couldn’t find narrow black lace like the Pyramid Collection jacket so I used ecru lace. I stitched the lace to the jacket pieces first before sewing the seams. I wanted to make sure that just the edge of the lace was caught in the seam allowances.

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket Buttons

I also topstitched the seams using a denim colored thread which is sort of a dark blue ombre. It adds durability and style to the seams!

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket Back

I added rhinestone buttons to the front for a bit of sparkle!

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket Hand on Hip

When I had the idea to make the jacket and bought the fabric, I intended it to be for me… I think my daughter rocks this Pyramid Collection knock off jacket with lots of attitude and style! She could dress it up or dress it down according to how she is feeling that day! (I can see her wearing it with her skinny jeans and combat boots!)

Pyramid Collection Knock Off Jacket Neckline

How about you? What type of clothing catalog knock offs have you made? Leave a comment below!

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