How to Make a Pottery Barn XOXOXO Pillow

Originally posted 2012-07-13 08:00:07.

An Easy to Make Catalog Knockoff Pillow

Cute pillow, but not for the price! My cost was less than $5.00 including the stuffing and it was completed in an hour, wahoo! Let me show you how to make a Pottery Barn Teen inspired xoxoxo pillow! The pillow  could also be made in a different shape using these easy to make pillow forms!

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0523 copy


  • 1/4 yd. of black canvas fabric
  • Different colors of felt (I used 4)
  • Polyester fiberfil (<– affiliate link!)

The finished inspiration piece measures 8″ x 28″. A quarter yard piece of canvas is perfect because it measures 9″ x 60″ total. Cut the canvas into two pieces measuring 9″ x 30″. I got really lucky because the lady who cut the fabric at the store made it perfectly straight so I don’t have to do any trimming!

I drew a pattern for my Xs and Os… I wanted the letters to measure 4″ wide by 6″ tall. I used a scrap piece of paper and drew lines marking the height and width of the letters. I used a compass to draw 1″ circles in the corners of the lines I drew, then used a ruler to connect the circles making the X. For the Os, I used the same process but drew a 2″ diameter circle at the top and bottom. For the center, I drew a 1″ circle and connected them with a straight line. I cut them out and pinned them on the felt, then cut out the felt.

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0507

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0506

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0508

Pin the letters in place on one of the canvas pieces (use a lot so the felt doesn’t shift while sewing them onto the canvas!) and stitch with contrasting thread. I decided to use white.

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0509

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0510

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0512

Place the two pieces of canvas right sides together and sew three sides, leaving one short end open.

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0513

Press the seams and press a 1/2″ hem in the open end. Pull the polyfil apart in small pieces when stuffing – this gives a smooth, lump-free fill.
XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0518

Pin the open end together and stitch closed.

XOXOXO Pillow DSCN0523

Yay, another super-cheap knock off that would make a fantastic gift! This pillow was really easy to make! Any questions about how to make an XOXOXO pillow? Leave a comment below!


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