Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments!

Originally posted 2014-10-27 08:00:33.

Showing Team Spirit for the Holidays

Glittered ornaments are so popular and are so pretty! I made several in bright colors a few years ago and love them! This year, I wanted to do something a bit different… Why not show some team spirit and make sports team glitter glass ornaments? Make the ornaments in your favorite sports team colors and add the name a favorite player, fan, or the team name! The ornaments are so quick and easy, plus they make great gifts for any sports fan!!

Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments


  • Clear glass ornaments (<– affiliate link – I used square ornaments!)
  • Glitter (the finer, the better!)
  • Pledge Floor Finish
  • Vinyl or stencil and paint
  • Small pieces of metallic cord and ribbon

I used red glitter for the inside of my ornament. For a quick how-to on glittering ornaments, click here (and read the post about a set of ornaments I made for a special person!).

Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments glitter applied to the inside

First, I measured the flat face of the ornament. Then, I cut the name and “call” of one of our local college football teams out of vinyl using my vinyl cutter.

Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments creating the design

Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments design ready to be applied

I applied the vinyl to both sides of the ornament doing my best to center it in the square, and smoothed it in place.

Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments design applied to ornament

I made a bow with a coordinating piece of ribbon and glued it to the cap of the ornament, then made a hanger from silver metallic cord and tied it to the loop on top of the ornament.

Make Sports Team Glitter Glass Ornaments ornament with bow

Now I am ready to show my team spirit this holiday season though I will admit I’m not a big fan of the team on the ornament I’ve demonstrated here… Shhhh! The ornaments were fun and super-easy to make!

Are you ready to make sports team glitter glass ornaments? *Whistle* Play Ball – and if you have any questions, leave a comment below!


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