Painting Glass Bottles

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Painting Glass Bottles and Turning Them into Stunning Works of Art

To some degree, I am a HOARDER. I don’t just hoard lumber scraps but apparently I hoard liquor bottles, too. I had a few on the counter and in the cabinet – clean, empty, and waiting for a new life! I’ve made lamps and fragrance diffusers with them but now I want to do something different. Liquor bottles are just too cool to throw away!  Painting glass bottles can turn them into something that would make Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, and Sailor Jerry proud!

Painting Glass Bottles

What you’ll need:

  • Clean, empty liquor bottles
  • A razor or scraper (<– affiliate link!)
  • Metallic paint (I used Martha Stewart Metallic Paint from Home Depot)
  • Sponge brushes
  • Glaze (I used Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze from Home Depot)
  • Old rag

Start by soaking the bottles in water to loosen the labels. Sometimes, the labels are stubborn and they have to soak for awhile. Use the razor or scraper to remove the label. I like to scrub the outside of the bottle with soap and a brush after removing the label. I find this helps remove the rest of the label residue. Let the bottles dry thoroughly.

Painting Glass Bottles scrape off label

Apply the paint with the sponge brush. I normally have to use three coats in order to get the coverage I want. Of course, this paint has now been discontinued – figures!

Painting Glass Bottles apply paint

After the paint is dry, apply the glaze using an old rag. I love how the glaze brings out the detail in the glass!

Painting Glass Bottles apply glaze

Painting Glass Bottles painted and glazed bottles

Here’s where you can have a lot of fun – most bottles will have a large, open space where the labels used to be. Add a monogram or decal – how cool! I found this post from Saved By Love Creations inspiring so I added a few vintage labels to the front of the bottles using tissue paper and images from The Graphics Fairy.

Painting Glass Bottles completed bottle

Painting Glass Bottles completed gold bottle

So there you have it… Who knew that painting glass bottles would make such a stylish impact? I love them! Paint a few for yourself and share them with me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!


I was not asked nor paid to mention any of the products (or liquor brands, for that matter) used in this post. I paid for the products with my own money and probably contributed to some of the emptying of the bottles…

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