An Easy to Make Shirt Using Bleach and Vinyl

Originally posted 2021-04-24 10:17:39.

Make a Fabulous Shirt with this Easy Method!

I recently started taking kickboxing classes and we both love it! I needed a few new shirts to wear to our class and wanted them to display the fierceness i feel during class. I came up with this design (because YES) for an easy to make shirt using bleach and vinyl letters. In all, it took about 15 minutes to make and cost roughly $6! I have included a PDF of the design which can be opened using any vinyl cutting software (or printed out and traced onto the vinyl to be cut with scissors).

make shirt bleach vinyl

While I realize this shirt drops the “f-bomb”, I have also created designs for those who prefer something less bold. The designs can be downloaded here: Spicy, Medium and Mild.


  • Regular adhesive vinyl
  • Spray bottle with bleach
  • Trash bag
  • Plain cotton t-shirt (<– affiliate link!)

Start by washing and drying the shirt. For the best results, do not use fabric softener. Cut out the letters from the vinyl using the method of choice. I used my Silhouette Cameo, then placed the letters on the shirt. Note that they do not stick firmly as they are not meant to. They will act as a resist for the bleach that will be sprayed on the front of the shirt.

make shirt bleach vinyl lettering

Place the trash bag inside the shirt to separate the front and the back. This will keep the bleach from seeping onto the back of the shirt. Lightly spray the shirt over the letters with the bleach. Do not over saturate it as it may leak under the letters. We used a black t-shirt and the bleach reacted immediately.

make shirt bleach vinyl spray bottle

Let the bleach sit for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. The letters will fall off  and can be discarded. Wash and dry the shirt again.

make shirt bleach vinyl rinse

The shirt came out great and was exactly what I wanted! I have plans to use the same method to make other shirts using bleach and vinyl, so stay tuned for that but in the meantime here is another using basically the same method. The design can also be applied to the shirt using regular heat transfer vinyl.

What do you think? Have you tried this method? Leave a comment below!

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