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Originally posted 2016-07-11 08:00:04.

DIY Word Wall Art

I found this awesome word piece at Target… It has a neat pattern on it that sort of resembles birch so I bought it (for $3) and added it to my stash until I decided what to do with it. I used it as part of this DIY word wall art and love the outcome!

diy word wall art


  • Wood (or MDF) wall art
  • 1×8 board cut about 2″ longer than the word art
  • Paint
  • Adhesive such as Liquid Nails (<– affiliate link!)
  • Scrapbooking paper & Mod Podge, optional
  • Soda can tab with screw & washer or sawtooth hanger

I started by measuring the word art piece. I cut a pine board 2″ longer than the length of the word art. (Most home improvement stores will cut boards to length for you but will not cut it smaller than 12″ for safety reasons!) I painted the board first, using a color named “Captured Heart” from Clark + Kensington, and I applied two coats. It is a beautiful shade of coral and is probably my new favorite!

diy word wall art - MDF piece

diy word wall art - painted board

I applied a bead of Liquid Nails on the back of the word art piece then positioned it on the painted board. I clamped it in place until it was dry.

diy word wall art - adhesive

Once the adhesive was dry, I added decorative scrapbooking paper to the back (with a coat of Mod Podge) just make the back of the sign look a bit nicer. I added a sawtooth hanger (a soda can tab with the screw and washer can also be used) so the art piece can be hung on the wall or any other flat surface such as a dresser drawer or cabinet door.

diy word wall art - sawtooth hanger

diy word wall art - completed

An MDF word cutout paired with a painted wood board becomes beautiful DIY word wall art!

This project was easy to make and will look awesome in any room of the house. Word cutouts can be purchased at any craft or hobby store and make fabulous DIY word wall art! Like this wall art? Here are links to a couple other signs: DIY Wood Sign Knock-Off and DIY Fall pallet board sign!

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