DIY Decoupage Tissue Box

Originally posted 2015-10-26 08:00:44.

A Pretty Accent to Hide Tissue in Any Room

In my house, in lieu of facial tissues for runny noses, we use toilet paper. To me it is cheaper (since toilet paper is, well, “necessary”) and works just as well as a facial tissue. Rather than have a roll of toilet paper sitting awkwardly on the counter, it sits in a square facial tissue box. (I just remove the cardboard core and pull the roll from the center.) My daughter used to keep a roll of toilet paper on the finial at the head of her bed but now that she has a new bed without finials, she needed a pretty place to keep the toilet paper close at hand without being on display. I created a DIY decoupage tissue box just for her by covering a round papier mache box with scrapbooking paper. A hole can be cut in the center of the lid, if desired, and she chose to keep the lid solid with no hole. The tissue holder matches her room perfectly!

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box


DIY Decoupage Tissue Box-Top View

I started by tracing the outside of the top on the back side of the scrapbooking paper. When I cut out the circle, I cut it about 1/2″ bigger. I applied Mod Podge to the circle and positioned the top of the box on it, smoothing the paper on the lid. I cut slits in the excess paper that was overhanging the top, applied Mod Podge to the sides of the lid, then folded the remaining paper over it.

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box-Top

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box-Top Sides

I cut a narrow band of scrapbooking paper and applied it to the side of the lid after applying another coat of Mod Podge.

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box-Lid Band

I measured the height of the lower part of the box and cut scrapbooking paper to fit. Since the diameter of the box was wider than the paper, I used two pieces. I applied a coat of Mod Podge to the box, then applied the paper, smoothing it in place.

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box-Box Sides

That is all there was to it – so simple and inexpensive! A DIY decoupage tissue box would be great in a care package or a “get well soon” package for a sick friend – along with chicken soup, of course!

DIY Decoupage Tissue Box-Completed

Have any questions about the DIY decoupage tissue box? Leave a comment below!

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