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Add Feminine Style to a Comfy Man’s T-Shirt

How to Girl Up a Man’s T-Shirt

I really love those oversized “Flashdance” type of shirts… If you grew up in the 80s you totally know what I mean. If not, well, nevermind! Anyway, today, I’ll show you how to girl up a man’s t-shirt, and put your own design spin on a comfy garment!

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0166


  • A Man’s T-Shirt (mine is an XL)
  • Fabric Paint
  • A Stencil & Stencil Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine

The sewing part of this project is super-easy so if you’re a beginner, don’t fret! You CAN do this!!

Pre-wash your t-shirt.

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0154

Pin the shoulder seams together. Make a semi-circle with your pins about where you want to cut the neckband out as shown in the picture.

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0155

Cut away the neckband.

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0156

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0157

Using your sewing machine, sew a straight stitch or decorative stitch around the neck. This will keep it from stretching out too much! You can use matching or contrasting thread – its up to you!

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0158

I used Plaid Simply Stencils and metallic foil for the screen print on my shirt. They have an adhesive back so the stencil won’t slip. If you are using a regular stencil, spray stencil adhesive on the back following the manufacturer’s instructions. You could probably tape the stencil to the shirt but it may still slip a little…

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0160

I applied the foil glue to the stencil and let it dry overnight. Wash your stencil immediately after painting or using glue!

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0161

After the glue is dry, the foil is applied and covered with a piece of paper, then ironed. This heats up the glue and the foil sticks to it. If you are using paint, use sponge “daubers” (little round sponge brushes) to apply the paint. Use and up-and-down motion rather than a side-to-side motion. This keeps the paint in the cut-outs of the stencil and not where you don’t want it!!

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0162

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0163

Here is another example of a shirt, this time with a pocket!

How to Girl Up a Man's T-Shirt SANY0164And that, my friends, is how to girl up a man’s t-shirt… No need to raid his closet because men’s t-shirts come in a rainbow of colors and are so inexpensive!

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