Add Paint to Wooden Hangers

Originally posted 2015-05-13 08:00:55.

Hang a Wardrobe in Style with Painted Hangers

Tired of boring plastic hangers? Me, too! For a few bucks, you can add paint to wooden hangers to amp up the style factor in the closet! Wooden hangers can be purchased in packs of five or a box of twenty. (I opted for the box of twenty – much more economical!) A little masking tape and spray paint is all it takes to make these great accessories!

Adding Paint to Wooden Hangers


  • Wooden Hangers (<– affiliate link!)
  • Spray Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • Sealer (Clear Spray Paint or Water-Based Sealer)

Some of the wooden hangers I bought were unfinished. I sprayed the naked hangers with a sealer to seal the wood before I used colored spray paint. The sealer can be a water-based spray sealer or even clear spray paint. It just has to be something to seal the wood.

Adding Paint to Wooden Hangers_Unfinished

I used masking tape to cover the metal hook. This is completely optional and the hook can be painted if so desired! I also used the masking tape to cover the horizontal pants hanging bar.

Adding Paint to Wooden Hangers_Taped

I placed tape on the hangers randomly in different patterns. Another option would be to use removable circular stickers to make polka-dots!

Adding Paint to Wooden Hangers_Pink

Make sure the tape is securely smoothed down, then paint the hangers with spray paint. I hung mine on the clothes line to dry, and they were dry within an hour.

Adding Paint to Wooden Hangers_Green

I carefully removed the tape. Any spots where the paint may have bled under the tape can be removed with a razor blade scraper.

Adding Paint to Wooden Hangers_Blue

And that is it, my friends! Adding paint to wooden hangers is a super-quick and easy project, plus they will make great gifts! I plan on replacing all of the hangers in my closet with these nifty painted ones which means I have a lot of painting to do… How would you fix up plain wooden hangers? Leave a comment below!


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