How to Make a Mirrored Sunburst Wall Art Piece

Originally posted 2012-07-03 08:00:52.

Cheap and Easy Wall Art

In my quest to update The Han’s room from tween to teen, I created this wall art piece especially for her! It adds a pop of color and a touch of sparkle that she loves so much! Let me show you how to make a mirrored sunburst wall art piece…

sunburst wall art

This is one of the most inexpensive pieces to create – a few mirrors, spray paint, and bamboo skewers! That’s it!


  • 4″ mirror (<– affiliate link!)
  • Assorted smaller mirrors
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Spray paint
  • Soda can tab
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick

The easiest way to paint the skewers is to stick them in a piece of floral foam so that they stand up. Use two coats of spray paint to make sure each of them are thoroughly painted!

sunburst wall art skewers

sunburst wall art stick skewers in foam and spray paint

Draw lines as a guide on the back of the mirror. Start by finding the center and drawing “wedges”. My mirror had sixteen wedges.

sunburst wall art draw lines on back of mirror

sunburst wall art glue skewers on lines

Use the glue gun and put a bead of glue on a line. Add the skewer with the unpainted point in the center. Continue all the way around.

sunburst wall art hot glue and painted skewers

sunburst wall art finished skewer array

Now add more skewers in between each line.

sunburst wall art filling in with more skewers

Take the soda can tab and slightly bend with a pair of pliers. Be careful doing this as the edges are sharp… Don’t ask me how I found this out! Glue to soda tab on the back of the art piece.

sunburst wall art soda can tab for hanger

sunburst wall art soda can tab glued on back

Turn the art piece over and glue mirrors at the outside edge of each skewer as well as randomly scattered through the center.

sunburst wall art completed

Clean the mirrors and hang the art piece! Awesome! Have any questions about how to make a mirrored sunburst wall art piece? Leave a comment below!


  • Oh I love this Cher!!!  Where would I find the little mirrors at?  My mother-in-laws birthday is day after tomorrow and since I just finished up my quarter yesterday for school, I have time to do it!  I think this is so awesome!  

    • Cher-Ann says:

      I bought them at Hobby Lobby! I’m sure any craft store would have them! Julia Gulia would probably like one, also, if she’s anything like The Han!

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