5 Uncommon Things for the Craft Arsenal

Originally posted 2015-06-08 08:00:34.

A Few Things I Use for Crafting…

There are so many things that crafters keep in their craft stash… Paint brushes, scissors, glue, etc. Most things we use are common straight across the board, and I can almost guarantee that we all own the same items. I have a 5 uncommon things in my craft arsenal that may seem totally off-the-wall, and I am going to share them with you!

Uncommon Things in the Craft Arsenal_Graphic

Fishing Line

A reel of standard fishing line, whether purchased from the sporting good section of any store or “borrowed” from Dad’s tackle box, really comes in handy when I need to secure items invisibly. I have used it to secure pieces to a wreath, to anchor a Christmas tree to the wall, and to hang spiders from the ceiling at Halloween (to scare the pants off of my son!).

Uncommon Things in the Craft Arsenal_Fishing Line

Soda Can Tabs

Soda can tabs are perfect as hangers for signs or photo frames when paired with a screw and a small washer. Using them to hang items is so economical and “green”!

Uncommon Things in the Craft Arsenal_Soda Can Tabs

Bathroom Cups

You know those tiny plastic cups that look like a Solo cup’s mini-me? I call them bathroom cups because we always use them in the bathroom. They are cheap, and are the perfect thing to use to drain paint into when painting glass Christmas ornaments!

Uncommon Things in the Craft Arsenal_Cups

Skinny Wooden Sticks or Popsicle Sticks

Ok, I know these sticks aren’t that original or uncommon, but I do know that they make great stirrers for paint samples! I have a huge collection of popsicle sticks (and currently cannot find them!) that I use for mixing and stirring paint.

Uncommon Things in the Craft Arsenal_Popsicle Sticks

Binder Clips

These little binder clips (<– affiliate link!) are worth their weight in gold. They are the perfect third (fourth, fifth, tenth, etc.) hand to use as clamps while glue dries, especially when clamping a metal ring to styrene for a lampshade!

Uncommon Things in the Craft Arsenal_Binder Clips

So what uncommon things in your craft arsenal do you have? Leave a comment below – you never know when it will benefit someone else no matter how strange you may think it is!


  • Fishing line, that’s a good idea! I also keep pop tabs handy for hanging up projects. Hmmmm, I guess and “uncommon” crafting item I keep around would be an old toilet flusher (from inside the tank). I kept it for its corroded metal parts to add a little “something” to projects as needed. Although, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve actually used any pieces…maybe now its just gross. lol

    • Cher says:

      Ha ha ha, Audra! I see myself in that… Keeping parts in case I need them and most times they become a collection of grossness! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

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