Sew a Filigree Hook & Eye on a Sweater

Originally posted 2020-09-10 08:00:34.

A Pretty Closure on a Sweater

I have this fabulous cardigan that I made and it is perfect! It has three-quarter sleeves that fit loosely, it is waist length and sort of boxy, and is the perfect layer when it’s not quite cold but chilly! The only thing is that it does not have a closure on the front. I decided to sew a filigree hook and eye on the sweater at the top so that I could close the sweater if I got too cold!

As a side note, the FREE pattern from Lion Brand can be found here –> Lace Inset Cardi.  Just scroll down the page to the Download Free Pattern button! It also says that the pattern is for a Level 5 knitter, but I feel a beginner can easily tackle this… If you can read a pattern, you can make this (check out my resources for beginning knitters)! Also note that the cardigan fits looser than it appears in the photo.



A filigree hook and eye closure (<– affiliate link!) is made of lightweight metal and generally comes in silver or gold tones. If you’re feeling a bit wild, the closure can be spray-painted to match or contrast whatever garment you choose to sew it onto!

Obviously, thread and a needle are also needed. The instructions call for monofilament (clear) thread but I would advise against it because it is hard to knot and tie off. Regular all-purpose thread that matches the garment is a better choice!

Step One – Positioning

Pick the placement for the closure… I chose the top edge because I like how it looks and it would still leave the front open a little.


Step Two – Thread the Needle

Thread the needle and knot the thread, then push the needle from the underside through the loop on the end of the close. Bring the needle back down through the garment behind the loop. Do this a few times, ending with the needle on the inside of the garment. Do not cut the thread!


Step Three – The Other End of the Closure

Weave the thread through the garment (in this case, through the ribbing on the cardigan) and find a spot in the middle of the closure toward the hook or the eye. See the enlarged photo for reference. Stitch this part of the closure down ending with the needle on the inside, then knot and cut the thread.



Step Four – The Opposite Side

Repeat the steps for the other side of the closure.



The closure is such a pretty addition to the sweater and was easy to sew on, right? Have questions or suggestions about how to sew a filigree hook and eye on the sweater? Leave a comment below!

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