Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots

Originally posted 2015-01-09 08:00:57.

Add a Bit of Style to a Pair of Rain Boots!

As a gift for my daughter’s birthday, I want to give her a new pair of rain boots. She has to wait for the bus to take her to school, sometimes in the rain. Since she is such a fashion maven, a plain pair of rain boots would not be appropriate. They need to have a bit of flair to reflect her personality! Let me show you how to add a monogram and ribbon to a pair of rain boots…

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Featured


  • A pair of rain boots
  • Satin Ribbon
  • A punch tool or scratch awl to punch holes (<– affiliate link!)
  • Outdoor vinyl or
  • A decal suitable for outdoor use

The boots I chose for my daughter are leopard print. Trust me when I say she would think they are plain! I thought it would be really cute to add ribbon to the upper back of the boots as if they are laced up. I started by punching three evenly spaced holes along each side of the upper back seam.

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Punch Tool

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Holes

I threaded the satin ribbon through the holes and tied a bow in the ribbon. I added glue to the knot so it wouldn’t come undone.

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Bows

I have a paper and vinyl cutter, and used it to cut her initials out of a piece of vinyl for outdoor use.

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Monogram Designed

I used a bit of vinegar to clean the area of the boots where I planned to place the monogram and let it dry. Vinegar is a great option as it will clean the area without harming the rubber or the design! I positioned the monogram and applied it to the side of the boots.

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Monogram Applied

Now, the “plain” boots have a bit of my daughter’s style and are perfect for her! Waiting in the rain for the bus will be much more tolerable – now maybe she needs an umbrella to match…

How to Add a Monogram and Ribbon to a Pair of Rain Boots_Finished

This is such an easy and inexpensive project! Plus, it is really fun to add a bit of bling and style to something so simple. How would you dress up a pair of rain boots? Leave a comment below if there are any questions about this tutorial on how to add a monogram and ribbon to rain boots!


  • What a brilliant idea, Cher-Ann. Makes me wish I were a child again! My Mom did something similar with a blazer of mine once. I had managed to wear out the elbows and there was no time to take it to a tailor in snow laden Kabul since the School Annual Night was a day later and the coat would not have been back by then. So she stitched similar color vinyl patches on both elbows.

    May I add I looked quite the star when I went on stage to get my award and after that all the kids badgered their Moms for the same. 🙂

    • Cher says:

      Hi, Vatsala! I bet that blazer looked awesome and it was such a clever idea! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting – I really appreciate it!

  • Caroline says:

    Coming from the North of England, I’ve always seen rain boots, or wellies to us Brits, as a very functional item and definitely a necessity in the winter. When we came out to Kuwait I was really surprised to see that they seen here as the height of fashion. Obviously we don’t get much rain but apparently a rain boot is just the thing to go with your new handbag. You would make a killing out here with your design. The Kuwaiti women would be banging your door down for their own personally monogrammed rain boots. I love them! What a fabulous idea.

    • Cher says:

      Hi, Caroline! I can’t imagine wearing them for fashion but who am I to judge! I know that they keep my feet dry in wet weather! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment – I really appreciate it!

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