Add Decorative Trim to a Pair of Shoes

Originally posted 2021-10-02 16:15:02.

Update a Pair of Shoes by Covering the Sides of the Sole with Trim

I have this pair of shoes that I love… I know this style and brand are hugely popular but in all honesty, it took awhile for them to grow on me! I just didn’t like the way to sides of the sole looked. The sides of the soles looked so out of place, and I wore them anyway but only occasionally. When I bought the same brand of shoes in an espadrille style, it occurred to me that I could just add decorative trim to the shoes to cover the edges of the sole and make this pair look similar to espadrilles.

add decorative trim shoes

They came out so cute and I really love them! Of course, I know that the trim will eventually get dirty and possibly fall apart but then I could always add something different. I can wear them and actually LIKE them!

add decorative trim shoes original

I bought flat trim that was about 1/4″ wide, which fit perfectly along the edge of the sole. It looks like a sort of braided jute. I used hot glue (<– affiliate link!)  to attach the trim and worked in sections.

add decorative trim shoes spool

I placed the trim as close to the fabric upper as I could (to lessen the likelihood of the trim contacting the ground as I walk) and pressed it firmly into the glue.

add decorative trim shoes glue

I started and ended at the back of the heel, covering the exposed edge of the trim at the end with glue to keep it from unraveling.

add decorative trim shoes heel

They are so cute and the addition of the trim looks like the shoes were made that way – it’s a very natural look!

add decorative trim shoes side

Did you changed the look of a pair of shoes by adding decorative trim? Leave a comment below! If you add decorative trim to shoes, let me know because I would love to see!

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