A Super Quick and Easy Gift for a Wine Lover

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How to Make a Wine Bottle Stopper with a Drawer Knob

There are some really cool wine bottles out there… I have a plan to use empty wine bottles for holding other drinks (water, juice, tea, etc.) at my son’s graduation party this Spring. Cool wine bottles need cool stoppers, right?

This quick and easy project makes an awesome gift!

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  • Drawer Pull – the kind with the threaded rod attached to the knob and a nut on the end (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)**
  • Cork
  • Stik ‘n Seal Outdoor adhesive



Start by drilling a 3/16″ hole through the center of the cork. Don’t drill all the way through, just deep enough to house the threaded rod the knob is attached to.



Squeeze adhesive into the hole the best you can and twist the knob into the hole.



Let dry and place in the bottle.


** If the only drawer knob available are the kind at the home improvement stores with a screw at the end, the screw can be replaced with a piece of 8-32 threaded rod cut to length with a hacksaw!


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