How to Make a Peace Symbol Wreath

Originally posted 2014-12-01 08:00:02.

Make a Beautiful Wreath to Hang Year Around

I saw a wreath in a catalog very similar to this one and I fell in love! Though I am not exactly a wreath type of person, I really like this one – especially the peace symbol. Unfortunately, the wreath in the catalog is way out of my budget. I figured I could make one myself and it cost me about $11! Let me show you how to make a peace symbol wreath with lights…



  • 20″ wire wreath frame
  • Garland – I used two packages of green garland from the dollar store that each measured 180″ long
  • Battery-powered LED lights with batteries (<–affiliate link!)
  • 1 – zip tie

Did you know that the peace symbol was actually created as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament? It was adopted by anti-war activists in the in the US during the 60s. There you go – a little social studies lesson for today!

Start by wrapping the garland around the wreath frame. The garland I used had a wire base so I was able to sort of smash it down to fit the frame. This way, it will stay put!


Cut a two pieces of the garland a little wider than the frame. Secure the vertical leg in the center of the wreath by wrapping the ends around the frame.


Take the second piece and twist it around the vertical piece. The “legs” of this piece will meet the frame in an angle and will be twisted around the frame.


Then, just poke the light bulbs through the garland on the back side of the frame. The garland will hold the lights in place, especially if the frame is wrapped tightly with the garland!  I used a zip tie to secure the battery box to the frame.



It is so crazy-easy to make a peace symbol wreath… Mine hangs on my storm door year around. The only time it comes down is when my daughter puts up the Halloween wreath.



The wreath would look really cool using metallic garland or even in white or barbed wire! What do you think? What material would you use to make a peace symbol wreath? Leave a comment below!

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