Hanging Accessories Holder Knock-Off

Originally posted 2012-07-23 08:00:16.

How to Make a Hanging Accessories Holder

Once again, I have hacked another design from Pottery Barn Teen, this one being the Hanging Accessories Holder. This is so cute for organizing accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, gloves, etc. It could be hung on a hanger or a hook plus it is very easy, quick, and inexpensive to make! It can be made to match any decor and is another great gift!!

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0562 copy


  • 1/2 yd. Fabric
  • 1/2 yd. Fusible double-sided heavy interfacing (like the kind used for purses)
  • Contrasting bias tape
  • 8 snap sets (<– affiliate link!)
  • 1 Medium grommet

I started by making a pattern for the holder. I made the pattern 4″ wide x 36″ long. I also drew a 1″ radius at each corner for the curve…

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0525

I cut two pieces of the fabric and one piece of the interfacing, then fused them together with the iron. I cut two strips of fabric measuring 2-1/2″ wide and two strips of the interfacing measuring 1″ wide to make the loops. I pressed one long edge of the fabric under at about 1/4″. I repeated this for the other long edge, then brought the edges together to press a crease in the strips. I inserted the interfacing then fused it to the fabric.

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0531

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0529

I stitched close to the open edge, as well as the fold edge, to create the loops. I also added pink bias tape to the edges of the main piece.

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0533

I cut the strips into eight equal pieces and applied a snap to each piece.

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0550

I marked the base piece in eight  evenly spaced places, then sewed the loops to each space.

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0551

I added a grommet to the top of the organizer for hanging on a hook.

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0549

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0552

Hanging Accessories Organizer DSCN0553

That’s it! The hanging accessories holder is super-cute, customizable storage for those hard to organize things! have any questions? Leave a comment below!

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