Clean Vegetable Broth Recipe

Originally posted 2020-04-14 12:59:12.

Make Your Own Veggie Broth!

Clean eating is definitely a way of life in our household, and there are so many clean, fabulous dishes to make! I have a clean vegetable broth recipe that is so crazy easy, and uses scraps of vegetables from other meals with nothing but water. That’s right – there is no salt, sugar, spices or anything added to this broth, plus the broth can be stored in the freezer for later use.

clean vegetable broth recipe slow cooker

I used to subscribe to a weekly food delivery service called Imperfect Foods (now part of Misfits Market). Imperfect Foods takes food that isn’t pretty enough to be sold in grocery stores or other food delivery services, and sells it through a weekly subscription helping reduce food waste. It’s like going to a Farmers Market except that all of that fresh goodness is delivered to your home! I honestly love it and find that the prices are very comparable to my local grocery store. The offerings are fabulous and perfect for a clean, healthy lifestyle!

Since we cook with so many great fresh veggies every night, I started saving the scraps to make broth so that the meals we cook that require broth are even cleaner! By veggie scraps, I mean the ends of carrots, the leaves from celery, the skin from potatoes or zucchini, the ends from onions, etc. I save every bit of it in a large freezer bag until I’m ready to make broth (the bags can also be frozen for later use!).

clean vegetable broth recipe frozen

To make the broth, I empty the plastic bag into my 7 quart slow cooker and fill it with water. I turn it on low and let it cook (or brew!) all day, approximately 7-8 hours.

clean vegetable broth recipe cooking

Once the broth is finished cooking, I strain the veggies out with a metal strainer and measuring cup. I pour the strained broth into freezer safe containers. I use these containers (<– affiliate link!) from Ziploc.

clean vegetable broth recipe strained

THAT’S IT. Period.

clean vegetable broth recipe container

I use the broth in soups, to cook rice, to cook dry beans, etc. It’s a healthy and economical way to make your own broth. The clean vegetable broth recipe is easy to make and a frequent go-to for healthy meals!

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