Adding Ribbon to a Plain Belt

Originally posted 2015-06-19 08:00:06.

Give a Plain Belt an Easy Update

A lot of pants and skirts these days are being sold with plain belts. These belts are great (especially if you need to keep your pants up!) but are very drab… Adding ribbon to a plain belt is a quick and totally inexpensive update making the belt look a whole lot more feminine. Fabric with a pressed hem along the edges can also be used, and can match a blouse or top for a perfectly pulled together outfit!

Adding Ribbon to a Plain Belt


The belt I’m using is one that came with a pair of shorts that Matt bought. Since he bought about three or four of the same pair of shorts (in different colors, of course), he has a lot of these belts!


Since the belt is black, I decided to add pink plaid ribbon to it. I pinned the ribbon to the belt, folding the raw ends under so they did not unravel. A product like Fraycheck can be used to keep the ends from unraveling, also!

Adding Ribbon to a Plain Belt_Pinned

I used black thread in the bobbin and a spool of pink thread on top and stitched the ribbon in place using a long stitch. My advice is to go slow when sewing the ribbon to the belt because sometimes the needle will hit a rough spot and break!

Adding Ribbon to a Plain Belt_Stitches

The buckle is very plain and I felt it needed a bit of bling… I used my vinyl cutter to cut a small butterfly out of silver vinyl and applied it to the buckle. Hot-fix crystals or rhinestones would be an excellent choice for the buckle, as well!

Adding Ribbon to a Plain Belt_Buckle

Adding Ribbon to a Plain Belt_Finished

So, what do you think? Adding ribbon to a plain belt makes it look a whole lot better, doesn’t it? What would you add to a plain belt to make it look less plain? Leave your ideas below, I would love to read them!

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